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Hi there, my name is Holly, the writer, photographer, recipe creator, and gardener behind Sustainable Holly. Here you will find lots of Garden to Plate Recipes, Gardening Articles, and Tips for you to start living more sustainably.

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I grew up on a coastal farm in Northland, New Zealand and my parents have always been pretty much self-sufficient. I currently have a suburban house in Perth, Australia and I have been converting more and more space into edible urban permaculture gardens.

I’m obsessed with growing my own food, tropical fruit, edible flowers, urban homesteading, and I have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate. I have always dreamt of owning acreage and living a sustainable lifestyle. But for now, I am starting with what I have and learning as much as I can in between. Urban Homesteading can be so rewarding and being able to grow and preserve most of my own food on a suburban block is definitely achievable.

I am also really passionate about inspiring others that want to grow their own food and make sustainable changes to their lifestyle. Start today, whether that’s a small pot on the balcony, using a reusable coffee cup or turning part of your gardens edible. Small steps that you can grow and build on, and you will in turn, inspire others along the way.

Small and Slow Solutions – one of my favourite Permaculture Design Principles.

I would love for you to join me on my journey as I reduce plastic/ waste, bake, preserve and grow epic permaculture gardens! Make sure you hit Subscribe.


β€œChild, I know you dream of flowers, but first you must plant the seeds”. β€” Beau Taplin

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