10 of the Best Edible Flowers

In this video are 10 of the best edible flowers I grow because they are not only my secret ingredient to make all food look magical but, are also great for attracting pollinators to your garden. If you want a thriving, abundant permaculture garden, it is so important to create diversity and attract beneficial insects and pollinators. Important: Make sure you clearly identify which flowers you can eat and are safe before eating.

Watch My Top 10 Best Edible Flowers to grow

Why Grow Edible Flowers?

Edible flowers offer so much to your permaculture garden. Here are a few of the MANY reasons I LOVE growing them:

  • Create beautiful aesthetic dishes
  • Attract beneficial insects to your garden for pest control
  • Aid in pollination by attracting insects
  • Create diversity in the garden
  • Add colour to your garden
  • Have subtle, delicate flavours
  • Add nutrients to your meals

Flowers for the Bees

The best edible flowers are ones that have multiple benefits and interconnected relationships within your garden. Creating diversity in flowers will help bring in a diversity of beneficial insects and become part of a natural integrated pest management system in your urban permaculture garden. A diverse ecosystem is a healthy one.

How to use Edible Flowers?

Edible flowers are amazing natural ingredients that add nutritional value and will elevate any dish to create magical food. Create a “wow factor” by just letting nature shine. They are great for natural cake decorating, salads, cocktails, baking, pasta and just anything really! Add detail, pattern, vibrant colour, and celebrate your homegrown food. I believe that creating visually appealing food can make everyday meals so much more enjoyable. Every day should be special and celebrated and this is just one way I like to spark joy in everyday living. Add some to your peanut butter on toast and BOOM you have a masterpiece!

Important: Make sure you clearly identify which flowers you can eat and are safe before eating.

Which are your favourite? It was so hard to even narrow it down to 10!

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