almond milk

Almond Milk

Almond Milk using a NutriBullet

  • x1 cup of raw Almonds soaked overnight in water.
  • x4 cups of distilled water ( I just boil water and cool it).
  • x3 dates

Blend and strain!

As you can see I did it in two batches as I only have a small NutriBullet. This is the only blender I have and it works just fine! I like to make the most of what I have rather than buying unnecessary appliances. I also save the almond meal and use to make bliss balls! Recipe coming soon.

Treat Yourself

As an added treat I add drinking chocolate to part of the batch and make delicious choccy milk. This is a fantastic way to make milk if you have run out or if you would like to reduce your plastic use! 

Storing and Shelf Life

I keep my almond milk in a glass jar or bottle in the fridge for up to 3-4 days. You have to shake it well before use each time as the layers will settle. When using it in hot drinks be careful as Almond Milk can tend to curdle if it is added to water that is too hot. This even happens with many store-bought types. The best way to reduce this is by leaving your boiled water to cool for a minute or two before adding the milk. I also find adding the milk first often helps too.

I love making my own almond milk because I know exactly what is it in. The fact that it is stored in the pantry aisle at the supermarket always concerns me due to the number of preservatives that must be used!

Let me know if you make your own Almond Milk. I found it so empowering to be able to whip up some milk if we have run out!

Holly 🌿

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