I love growing Chillies! They are so easy to grow and consistently produce in abundance. So learning how to preserve them has been important to me. These homemade Chilli Flakes are a great way to get more out of my Chilli harvests. I am currently growing Jalapeno and Cayenne types. Both plants are in their second season as they are in pots they seem to survive the winters alright. I think this might be their last though.

I usually pick and freeze the chillis then just grab one and use in my cooking but the freezer is looking a bit full so this time I tried dried homemade chilli flakes.

Homemade Chilli Flakes

Place on baking paper in your Dehydrator. If you don’t have a dehydrator you could just set the oven to 60 degrees Celcius.

I then chopped them up as fine as I could and put in a recycled spice jar.

The next crop I want to try pickled Jalapeno. I also have a few different varieties to grow this spring including Carolina Reapers which are apparently one of the hottest in the world….no idea what I will do with those!

I use the 6 Tray Bio Chef Dehydrator

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How do you preserve your chilli? Let me know in the comments.

Holly 🌢