New year, fresh goals! I love taking time to reflect, set new goals and revisit/ refocus on ongoing ones.

So here are my rambling thoughts inspired by Brooke McAlary’s book “SLOW” and some of the steps I am taking towards setting goals and making the next year of my life filled with much more of the things I love!

If you were to think about what are the top most important things in your life (no order). Write them down!

• Family

• Friends

• Pets

• Nature

• Adventures

And then think about where the majority of your time and thoughts are spent each day…

Working? Thinking about going to work? Thinking about all the work you need to do? How long do you spend on your phone a day? How long do you spend scrolling Instagram? How long do you spend thinking about things you can’t control? How long do you spend cleaning your house or washing or even just thinking about doing it in my case 😂 How long do you spend watching tv?

Evaluate, does how you spend your time and what occupies the MOST time/space in your thoughts add up and reflect what you love the most?

Mine definitely doesn’t… So I’m making some changes and Fresh Goals. Small changes towards spending more time and thoughts on the things I love 💕

1. So that doesn’t mean no washing (sadly) but I can have fewer things to wash (I recycled and threw out about 25 non-matching, scratchy towels and purchased 4 quality dreamy ones (which is still probably in excess).

2. I waste a lot of time procrastinating and therefore washing and chores occupy so much more time in my thoughts than just doing it!

3. Cups is another thing..well most items in the kitchen actually. There is usually only one to two people in our house at any one time, so why do I have 50 cups to wash, 4 spatulas and 10 frypans that don’t even work on our new induction stove??? Cyaaaa

4. Break the habit. Sitting on the couch after dinner watching tv but actually just scrolling Instagram for hours…now to walk the dog, tend to the garden until dark and I allocate one episode of tv, then read a book.

5. Randomly call your friends and family just to see how they are. My brother called me for an hour recently and it was the best! He does this more regularly these days because a year ago if he called me I would have had a panic attack thinking something was wrong. If your family and friends are one of the most loved things in your life they should take up more time than one text here and there.

This is a constant work in progress for me and I always need a reminder to get back on track (luckily I have Halen to nag me about clutter) but… “great things are done by a series of small things brought together”