Hi everyone! Welcome to my FIRST ever Urban Permaculture Garden tour! See what I have growing in my edible garden this Autumn (May 2020). My garden is constantly changing so I’m excited to finally document the growth! It’s amazing to look back at old photos and see how much has changed since we moved in. I am currently growing food in containers, pallet planters, makeshift garden beds in the driveway and slowly turning my grass into edible gardens. It is all a work in progress and I am constantly expanding my gardens and my knowledge to create my urban homestead. When we first purchased our property it had one tiny lemon tree and a few ornamental grasses along the back fence.

I now have over 15 fruit trees and many other edibles all throughout the garden. I have noticed so many insects and birds starting to frequent my yard and that makes me so happy! Diversity in plants and animals makes for a happy ecosystem.

You do not need to have the “perfect” place to grow food it is important to get to know your surroundings and just start by growing a few things. It’s all part of the journey and you will continue to learn and develop along with your garden. I hope you enjoy this video and get inspired to grow more of your own food.

Comment below if you have any questions about my Urban Permaculture Garden or anything I have growing in this video.

Fertiliser spray gun: https://bit.ly/366nL1t
Retractable Hose: https://bit.ly/2TSC0Bo
More gardening tools: https://bit.ly/32IQmbD

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