Turn this common GARDEN PROBLEM into something AMAZING! So you can Grow Healthy Organic Plants. Making this all-natural, organic weed tea fertiliser also means you can feed your plants without worrying about any chemicals harming the insects in your garden. A happy and healthy garden will produce more food for you and all the beneficial insects and pollinators.

Weeds weeds weeds

If you have an organic garden, you probably have some weeds! Especially at this time of year with spring just around the corner in Australia, the weeds are thriving. Weeds can tell us a lot about our soil and learning to identify weeds in your garden can help you fix soil issues. Weeds are so good at pulling nutrients out of any soil and therefore can be holding on to a lot of great nutrients that can be harnessed to make an organic weed tea fertiliser.

Making weed tea fertiliser is a great way to close the loop and return nutrients back to your fruit trees and plants in a form they can easily absorb. This liquid fertiliser is also completely FREE and using up unwanted weeds from your garden. Its WIN-WIN. Making weed tea fertiliser is so easy and requires very little equipment. I put the weed tea fertiliser back into the same garden that I pulled the weeds from.

Identify your weeds

Learning to identify weeds in your garden can also mean you have more edible plants available! Yes! Some weeds are actually edible! Make sure you do your research and identify weeds that are local to you. Having good soil is key to a thriving organic garden! So learning to identify common weeds and what kind of soil they like to grow in is a great way to find out what’s going on with your soil. The weeds I identified were all ones that like to grow in compacted soil. So that is something I can check and see if my soil getting too compacted.

Catsear Flatweed – Hypochaeris radicata

How to make weed tea fertiliser

  1. To start off you are going to need some weeds! Map out an area of your garden and start pulling weeds out and try to get the whole root out as well. I like to listen to a podcast and multitask during this time. Use some good quality gardening gloves to protect your hands from sharp spikes or insect bites.
  2. Evaluate and identify the most common weeds in your garden. I used a book with common weeds local to my area. See if you can notice any patterns and what kind of soil they like to grow in. This might help you identify what is going on in that particular patch of garden.
  3. Put all your weeds in a large bucket and fill with water. Rainwater is best but if you only have tap water from your local council then just pour it into a bucket and let it sit for a day or two until the chlorine has dissipated.
  4. Roughly rip up your weeds and add to the water. Place a rock or something weighted on top so the weeds are all underwater.
  5. Put a cover on top to stop insects like mosquitoes. I used a piece of rag cotton.
  6. Let it BREW. stir with a stick once a week. You can brew your weed tea fertiliser for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months! The longer you leave it the more nutrients will be released but it will also start to really stink so it is up to you! Brew it longer if you have any seeds in there to try and destroy them before you put it back onto your garden.
  7. Dilute up to 1:10 ratio and pour back on to your garden. If you want to ensure no seeds are there you can strain it through a sieve or piece of fabric. The leftover leaf material can go into your compost.

NOTE: Grass seeds can be hard to destroy so I would avoid using grasses or strain well before putting onto your garden. I use the hoselink spray mixer and strained it through a fine cloth before I used it so that the plant material doesn’t block up the nozzle.

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