DIY Heat Pack

DIY Heat Pack

DIY Haet Pack

A cute little DIY Heat Pack gift I made for my friends birthday. Courdroy offcuts I found at Spotlight that I sewed and filled with jasmine rice and finished off with a fresh sprig of lavender from my garden.

Making gifts is something I love to do and I am trying to do it more often. People love the thought and effort that goes into a handmade gift. It also can cost a whole lot less than buying gifts and getting sucked into the consumerism funnel of having to spend more and more on gifts. This also means you can give gifts more often. Have you ever recieved a gift out of the blue for no reason? It’s such a nice feeling and I plan to do more of this. Try this DIY Heat Pack for your next gift idea.

Another great gift idea is some of my Nasturtium Salt, you can find the Recipe here.

What handmade gifts have you given? I would love to know, leave me a comment below.

Holly ✨

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DIY Citrus Cleaner

DIY Citrus Cleaner

I made DIY Citrus Cleaner and it’s AMAZING, so I had to share! It’s really easy! You just collect some citrus peel or slices. You can do this over a week and just add to the jar as you get more. I used a combination of lemon, grapefruit, and orange. Citrus isn’t very good for the garden or compost so this is a great way to reuse the discarded peels. I also added lemongrass because it’s growing wild in my garden and smells amazing.

DIY Citrus Cleaner Recipe

Fill the jar 3/4 up with white vinegar and the rest distilled water (I just boiled the jug/ kettle and used the cooled down water from that). Leave it for two weeks somewhere out of the sun (pantry or cupboard) and then just strain and pour into a spray bottle with some extra water to fill.

I was quite worried it would smell like vinegar because it’s so strong when you first make it and no one wants to spray raw vinegar around their house! But I was pleasantly surprised when I poured it out today it smelt so good! I wish I had made this sooner rather than spraying who knows what nasty chemicals all over my bench πŸ‘Ž

Give it a try! I’m off to make another slightly different batch of DIY Citrus Cleaner because I’m hooked.

Have you made your own cleaner? Let me know your favourite homemade cleaning products below in the comments.

Holly 🌱